An Adaptive Solver for Fluid Dynamics on the GPU
Authors: Ondřej Štáva, Ivan Šimeček

GPU computing, fluid dynamics, adaptive solver


Visualization and simulation of fluid flows has always been one of the most interesting and challenging problem in computer graphics. Fluid dynamics is widely used for simulating of many natural phenomena like fire, smoke, water, or wind and so, a lot of effort has been spent to develop methods for solving it. The methods vary in accordance to the target usage. For engineering applications such as simulation of air flow around a wing, we usually want very precise solvers, whereas in special effects industry, we focus mainly on the visual quality of the result and the simulation does not have to be precise. This work is focused on a fluid simulation for real time environments such as computer games. This target area has been influenced by a massive enhancement in computer graphics quality in recent years, thanks to the development of dedicated 3D graphics processing units (GPUs). However, when we look on the other aspects, such as game physics, we can see that the development was only minor or none and there is still a big room for improvements.


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