Recursive Implementation of High Performance Numerical Algebra Library
Authors: Ivan Šimeček

High-performance,  cache utilization, numerical algebra library, recursive implementation.


     For a good performance of every computer program, the efficient cache utilization is crucial. In numerical algebra libraries (such as BLAS or LAPACK) is the good cache utilization achieved by the explicit loop restructuring. It includes loop unrolling-and-jam which increase the FPU pipeline utilization in the innermost loop, loop blocking (that is why we called these codes shortly blocked) and loop interchange to maximize the a cache hit ratio. After application of these transformations, these codes are divided into two parts. Outer loops are \"out-cache\", inner loops are \"in-cache\". Codes have almost the same performance independently on the amount of data, but all these code transformations require the difficult cache behavior analysis. In this paper, we represent the recursive implementation of some routines from the numerical algebra library. This implementation leads to cache-sensitive codes due to the \"natural\" partition of data without need to analyze the cache behavior. 


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