MasParIndex (Masivne paralelní software pro indexaci práškových dat)

Author: Šimeček I.

Klícová slova:
Indexace práškových dat; masivne paralelní software; p

MasParIndex je nový software pro indexaci práškových dat. Je založen na prohledávání prostoru mrížkových parametru.

What's new
July 1, 2011 -  version 0.9 of this project is released.

source code in C/C++

No GUI. Multithreaded execution via OpenMP,
Correct parameters at command-line: masparin.exe 5 Taxol.dat
it means < index of crystal system > and < powder diffraction data file >

Future works:
Future progress of this package is aimed at the SIMT concept, so it can be efficiently proceed on parallel architectures. But it will be available onlu under the commercial licence.

Used in papers
A New Approach for Indexing Powder Diffraction Data Based on Dichotomy Method
A new approach for indexing powder diffraction data suitable for GPGPU execution

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