Factoring of large integers using GMP library

Authors: Blk P., Kov P., Pecka M., Šimeček I.

Factoring of large integers; GMP library; Pollard rho method; Fermat method; Dixon Quadratic Sieve method; Shanks method; General Number Field Sieve (GNFS) method.

This project deals with problem of factoring large integers. Some methods to solve this problem are implemented using GMP library support.

What's new
May 1, 2010 -  version 0.9 of this project is released.

source code 1 (Pollard + General Number Field Sieve method)
Report 1
source code 2 (Fermat + Dixon Quadratic Sieve method)
Report 2
source code 3 (Pollard + Shanks method)
Report 3

Used in papers (documentation)
ČVUT WORKSHOP'08: An Overview of Factorization of Large Integers Using the GMP Library